Fortnite Pump Action Shotgun Tips


Fortnite Pump Action Shotgun Tips


Fortnite Battle Royale sure has a plethora of exotic weapons. And a Shotgun is one of them. We can’t stress the usefulness of a Shotgun; in fact, we will use a Shotgun in most of our games. The main reason is the damage it does; it is just incredible. In Fortnite Battle Royale, virtually every player uses a Shotgun and gets a kill or two. So, therefore, we are going to give you a few tips about the Pump Action Shotgun, one of three types of Shotgun you can find in Fortnite.


Land Your Shots Carefully

The reason that we are suggesting you to be careful while landing you shots with a Pump Shotgun is that this gun take a while before you can fire another shot. This is the only drawback with this weapon. So, when you are engaging with an enemy while carrying a Pump Shotgun, never shoot without aiming. Just do your best to aim as accurately as you can before you fire your shot otherwise your opponent will take you out while you are still waiting to fire a second shot.


Aim For The Head

The best thing about the Pump Shotgun – beside the massive damage – is its range. For a Shotgun, it has a surprisingly good range. So, you are more likely to hit the spot you are aiming for even from a distance. Just try to aim for the head, or at least the chest, to deal as much damage as you can, and if you hit the right spot, you may kill the enemy in just one shot.


First Shot Is Important

When using the Pump Shotgun, the most important shot is the first shot. This is because this gun does massive damage in just one shot and you can even take out two enemies with one shot if your timing and aim are right. So, make sure to fire the first shot carefully, as then you might not even need to wait for the gun to be able to fire the second shot. You can finish off the enemy by taking out another weapon, even a Pistol.


Double Pump

A trick with the Pump Shotgun that is used by a lot of players is the double pump. What this means is that you fire one shot with a Pump Shotgun, and then you take out a second Pump Shotgun, so it cuts down the time that the weapon takes in being ready for the second shot. The only thing that you need is a second Pump Shotgun, and you are good to go for this trick. It is a very handy thing to have up your sleeve and will let you fire shots without a gap in between so you can easily finish off an enemy if the first shot doesn’t do the trick.


In Summary

Even an uncommon Pump Shotgun is great to use, you just need to follow the above-mentioned instructions, and you will start to see a major difference in your shotgun game.


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