The Best Apps For Gaming On The Go


The Best Apps For Gaming On The Go


We take a look at some of the best mobile gaming apps available at the moment…


Skylanders SuperChargers

The Skylanders’ adventure continues on your mobile device. Connect a Bluetooth Portal of Power to your device to play as characters in your collection or choose a character in the game.



This beautifully animated story has plenty of things to try. Whether you are feeding the animals, sorting bugs, or just taking a look around the forest to find things to play with, you will never be bored.


Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Minion Rush challenges you with new goals in each level. It has you sprinting through various locations collecting banana, using the touchscreen to jump and move around. The bonus games are lots of fun, too.


LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Relive the epic adventures of The Force Awakens with the LEGO version of the movie on your mobile device. Play as all of your favourite characters and laugh as hilarious scenes tell the story.


Scribblenauts Unlimited

Scribblenauts is a puzzle game with a difference – you can solve each puzzle using just about any item you can think of! Because this version is designed for smartphones and tablets, it is really easy to type out words and see the items appear on the screen.


Disney Crossy Road

In this game, you will cross busy streets as all your favourite Disney characters, from Pumbaa to Buzz Lightyear. Unlocking new characters is great and can play this game with one finger!


Sonic Dash

Can you keep up with Sonic? In this cool mobile twist on his usual adventures, the speedy hedgehog must grab rings, dodge hazards, and deal with powerful bosses, all with the help of your taps and swipes.


Rayman Adventures

Rayman is back with another 2-D action adventure. Use the Creatures you save to give you extra abilities as you spring through levels and leap over obstacles using the touchscreen controls.


Super Mario Run

Mario makes his way to smartphones for the first time in this classic platformer. Jump through the levels to beat Bowser, compete with friends in Toad Rally, or just build up your Kingdom.


Pokemon GO

The game that captured the world’s imagination has seen plenty of updates since it first launched. New Pokemon and special events encourage Trainers to keep exploring their local area safely to catch ‘em all.


Toca Kitchen 2

Chop, season, and cook delicious meals for your guests in Toca Kitchen 2. This food-prep game has you slicing vegetables and blending mixtures with your finger, all to please your hungry friends! Get it right and they will eat it up – but get it wrong and they won’t be happy.


Triple Town

It might look simple when you first start to play, but Triple Town is a puzzle game with hidden depth. Getting a high score isn’t as easy as it first seems, and planning your move is key. Always take time to think before you tap!


Minecraft: Pocket Edition

If you haven’t already played Minecraft on your smartphones and tablets, you don’t know what you are missing. The mobile game is awesome, giving you access to a full Minecraft world complete with caves, tools, mobs and more. Dive in and start mining!


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