Your First Apex Legends Battle


Your First Apex Legends Battle


It’s the big moment. As with other battle royale games, every single player will start on a dropship that flies into the map from a random direction. A countdown will appear and then it is time to go!


Dropping In

If you were third to choose your character you might have noticed a little icon next to your name. That means you are the Jumpmaster, and you can choose where your team will land. Jump and you will rocket towards the ground, with your two teammates following alongside.


Choosing a good location is tricky. If you leap from the plane early, you are going to find yourself in the midst of a ton of players, which is good for finding better loot, but worse for your survival chances. Finding a further location with some solitude may give you some breathing room, but weaker weapons and items to choose from.



Being Jumpmaster can be a stressful experience for new players, as you will have no idea where a good place is to land. If this is too much pressure for you, you can hold a button to relinquish control, which will assign the role of Jumpmaster to one of your teammates. They will take the reins and hopefully steer you somewhere good.


On your way down you can break off from your group, which will give you a little boost of speed. This is recommended since you will want to spread out a tiny bit, as you will need all the loot you can get!


Staying In The Safe Zone

As the Ring comes nearer, you will want to stay inside the Safe Zone of the map, a section that continuously shrinks down over each round until it is a small circle. This forces all the players to converge on a single point and then makes sure that no one makes it out alive. This is a blood sport, after all!


If you are inside the Safe Zone when you land, you are fine, but you will have to watch out for players coming your way since everyone will be fighting for common ground. If you are outside of the Safe Zone your mini-map will show you which way you need to go, as well as how far it is. If it is on the other side of the map, you might want to grab your loot and hurry along, as it gets dangerous once the round finishes.


If you do get overtaken by the Ring you won’t die instantly, but you will start to take health damage.


Sometimes experienced players will stray outside of the Ring if they spot a place with high-tier loot that is untouched. This is a nice way to be able to grab whatever you need in relative peace, even as your health gets whittled away. You can survive by picking up plenty of health packs, which fully replenish your health, and syringes, which give you 25% of your health back. As long as you have them and keep moving you can stay alive. But it is tricky, so for now you should stay inside and brush up on how the game plays.


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